Samlink Uses Aiddocs to Produce Thousands of Documents Every Day

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Serving several bank groups with their multitenant banking systems, Samlink needed a robust solution for document production for their modernized enterprise architecture. With Aiddocs technology they can now not only produce thousands of banking documents every day, but also fluently manage the several hundred different templates for each of their customer brands. 


  • The new SOA-based solution fits well into the enterprise service architecture.
  • Documents are created dynamically out of the centralized template library, ensuring always up-to-date content.
  • Efficient management of massive, multi-brand collection of document templates: Templates are modular and managed in a centralized template library.
  • The centralized service provides documents with consistent output for IT systems of different technologies.
  • Newly created solution highly compatible with the old one due to templates based on Microsoft Word document formats.

Project in detail

Samlink serves multiple Finnish bank groups with a wide range of banking systems. As part of a multiyear program Samlink moved its customer banks to fully electronic document processes. Each of the banks have several hundred document templates, labelled with their own brands.

At Samlink Aiddocs technology is used in banking document production for several client bank organizations.

INFOGRAPH – Centralized multitenant banking system: At Samlink Aiddocs technology is used in banking document production for several client bank organizations. In a true SOA architecture Aiddocs resides on a service level alongside other banking services.

Move from client side logic to service

The previous document creation system from the 90’s was based on Word macros. This was no more a feasible solution for the new generation SOA systems. Besides the evident security issues, they needed a generic solution, which could be easily integrated with different kinds of client systems.

Need for agile template management 

Besides the internal base banking systems used by the bank clerks in offices, the same document types are produced in internet and mobile banking channels as well. Previously any changes to the document templates needed to be deployed through expensive software updates in multiple channels. Now the move to dynamic centralized document service enables very fast and agile template management.


The newly designed SOA-based document service produces each day thousands of documents, which are then stored in electronic archive and signed with electronic signatures. The documents are produced for various IT systems of different ages and technologies serving the many customer service channels.

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