Aiddocs Demo

Try out Aiddocs demos or start a free trial.

Demo & Free Trial Options

Our demos allow you to create documents based on the sample templates. Aiddocs Entry subscription offers your free trial to the complete product. Get started with Aiddocs by selecting your option:


In Aiddocs demo mode you can

  • Run Aiddocs anonymously – no need to register
  • Create documents in different formats (PDF & Word). Try editing document’s XML-parameters and see how your changes affect the output.
  • Create documents in different languages (languages depend on selected template)
  • View the structure of the templates. To try template editing, check the Sandbox Demo.

In Aiddocs sandbox-mode you can

  • Download the Word resources to see and try editing.
  • Upload edited Word resources to the service to see how your edits affect the results in rendered documents.
  • Please register for an Aiddocs Sandbox to run the Demo in Sandbox-mode. In Sandbox you’ve got your own set of templates to play with for 14 days.

Aiddocs Entry includes all the features of Aiddocs:

  • Use Template Studio to create and design templates
  • Create samples of XML data and test rendering documents
  • Access the service from your own applications using REST or SOAP interface
  • Try Aiddocs free for 30 days by signing up for Aiddocs Entry, our entry level subscription.

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