See how our clients succeed with Aiddocs and what could be your case scenario and how Aiddocs can solve it.


See how our clients succeed with Aiddocs and what could be your case scenario and how Aiddocs can solve it.

Usage Scenarios

Multichannel document production

Documents are produced from different service channels: from web-store, mobile apps, ERP, CRM or other operative applications. These documents should always conform organization’s brand and legal guidelines and be in-line with each other. How do [...]

Multitenant template management

You produce documents with different brands, in different languages or in several countries with different legislation. These documents typically contain the same structured data and are produced from common application systems. How do you solve [...]

High quality document production from complex structured data

Technical documents can be based on large and complex data structures. They can be long, have tens or hundreds of pages, contain images, tables, references and technical formulas. Managing their contents, and producing easily readable layouts [...]

Centralized dynamic document metadata management

Documents need to be stored in document management system(s) and signed electronically in some signing service. The metadata of stored documents as well as the e-signing parameters need to be managed centrally. From user’s point of view this [...]

CRM Sales app – proposal – agreement process

The typical sales process starts with customer data stored in a CRM database. First you prepare a proposal for the customer, and then the actual order agreement to be signed. In this process you want to keep the case specific data in the [...]

Merging data from external REST interfaces into documents

Sometimes you may need collect and merge document data from many different sources. How do you fetch graphics, maps, images or text phrases from external interfaces and combine these elements with your layout templates and client data?


Samlink Uses Aiddocs to Produce Thousands of Documents Every Day

Serving several bank groups with their banking systems, Samlink needed a robust solution for document production. With Aiddocs technology they can now not only produce thousands of banking documents every day, but also fluently manage the several hundred templates for each of their customer brands.

Aiddocs helps in modernization of legacy ERP

Legacy client-server ERP faced compatibility problems during Office 365 tests due to using the proprietary binary doc document format. Aiddocs provided an economic way to replace deprecated technologies and to open up new possibilities in document processes.

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